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Related Work


Lazy consistency is similar to ``degree-2 isolation''; using the terminology of Gray and Reuter [12], our system provides degree-3 isolation for all committed transactions and degree-2 isolation for running transactions.

Earlier research has investigated ways of providing consistency for read-only transactions [30][3] using serializability or weaker notions of consistency that are different from lazy consistency. For example, some schemes ensure that a read-only transaction is serializable with all read-write transactions but the whole system may not be serializable when all read-only transactions are taken into account.

Chan and Gray [7] propose lazy consistency as a correctness criterion but their work is concerned with committing read-only transactions more cheaply as opposed to providing consistency for transactions that abort. They also propose an implementation technique for a distributed client/server system using a kind of multistamp scheme but ignore all details that would make it a practical scheme.

Our work is related to orphan detection schemes [20]. Such schemes abort transactions before they can observe an inconsistency; they guarantee a stronger property than lazy consistency since they detect anti-dependencies also (discussed in Section 3).

Atul Adya
Wed Jun 25 15:09:14 EDT 1997